I ran about 12 miles last night: down Golden Gate Park, south along the ocean to Sloat, and back. I finished the run a lot stronger than last week on the same course, when I had to walk the last mile. We're doing a half-marathon race next Sunday, so I want to train hard this week and try to get a good time.

We flew down for Uncle Jud's funeral on Friday. It was a very meaningful, personal service, where friends and family were invited to get up and share thoughts and stories about Jud. I was proud of Aunt Helen, who seemed to be facing the situation with courage and dignity. I hadn't realized that Jud had fought cancer for about 4 years. He tried every sort of experimental treatment, but in the end, nothing worked. I heard on the radio today that antiangiogenesis trials in the UK are showing some success. It's hard not to wonder whether your loved one died just a few years too soon, just before the dawn of a new, successful cancer treatment. But you can't think like that. There are a million "what if's" behind every tragedy. You have to accept life's randomness and move on.