Jane and I have been slipping off the training schedule a little recently, so we did an unscheduled workout last night at Kezar Stadium to try to catch up. Jane did some walking, jogging, stairs, and push-ups. I jogged a mile to warm-up, stretched, and then ran a 10K as hard as I could. I was really hoping to see some improvement in my time from the 10K race I ran one month ago a few weeks into our training, but my time was almost identical -- 50 minutes, or approximately 8 minutes per mile. It's a little disappointing to think that I haven't increased my pace after a month of training. My endurace has certainly improved -- I can run further than I could a month ago -- but I thought from the coach's workouts on the track that I had pushed my 10K pace up to around 7 1/2 minute miles. In sixth grade I was running 10Ks in 42 minutes -- less than 7 minutes per mile. I guess 12 years old was my athletic peak. Oh well, I'll keep trying to get back to the level of my younger self. This weekend we're doing a half-marathon race. My goal for that is going to be an unambitious 2 hours, which is a 9 minute mile pace. I'm sure I'll still have to push myself to do that seeing as I haven't run that far in a long time and we'll be running in Dublin, on the other side of the East Bay hills, where it gets very hot. Jane and I will do our scheduled coach's workout at Kezar tonight and then rest up Friday for the weekend. Jane and the walk team aren't doing the half-marathonon Sunday, but they're doing a long 15 mile? walk around San Mateo on Saturday. As our weekend workouts increase, we're planning less and less activities for the weekend. Last weekend we stayed home and did nothing at all except for our training. This marathon is taking over our lives!