This weekend's half-marathon in San Ramon turned out to only be a 10K for me because I got lost on the way there and, after asking several people along the way, ended up at the start of the 10K instead of the half-marathon. By that time it was too late so I just ran the 10K...in 53:30 -- the slowest time I've logged for that distance since training began. So it was a big disappointment all around. Oh well. I'm going to try to run a half-marathon by myself today so I don't slip behind in the schedule.

Last Friday was much better. The Blue Angels were practicing their Fleet Week routine out over the Bay so I ran over to the Golden Gate Bridge to check it out. It was a perfect day and I think I got some good pictures. I ran back home along the coast -- further than I wanted to -- and ended up having to walk the last mile or so. Still, it was a great run.