Haven't updated this journal for a while...

Ran 16 miles on Saturday. We looped around Lake Merced, then went down Sunset to Golden Gate Park, zigzagged around the park, then along the coast back to Lake Merced. It was really tough. I did it in 2 hours, 40 minutes, which is a 10 minute per mile pace. It made me think that my goal of 4 hours for the marathon (9 minute pace) is totally unrealistic. At the end of this weekend's run, my only goal was finishing. I'm sure I'll feel the same way in Honolulu. Next weekend we're doing 20 miles, which will be the longest run of our training. After that, we'll taper off the mileage until the race in order to be rested and healed for the marathon.

My Aunt Mary, another first-time marathoner, is running the San Antonio Marathon this weekend. My parents and some other family members will be there to cheer her on. Good luck, Mary!!!