I did a short run with David Innis, my TNT mentor, last night up to Twin Peaks and back. We only ran for 30 or 40 minutes, but it was a pretty good workout because of the steep hills. It was a cold, clear night, so there were beautiful views of the city below.

Coach Chris gave us a pep talk and some final pointers at Kezar before our run. I think it was our final "coach's workout". He asked us to close our eyes and visualize every stage of the marathon, right up to the finish line.

Tomorrow morning we're doing a hard track workout, and then it'll be nothing but light, easy workouts until the marathon as we taper off to let our bodies rest and recover. I hope this training system works. When I finished the 20 miler last weekend, there's no way I could have done another 10K, which is what we'll have to do in Honolulu. Hopefully the thought of our contributors and supporters, the thought of our honorees battling leukemia, and the thought of the loved ones we've lost to cancer will carry us through. Visualize, visualize.