Me, Jane, and two friends of ours, Ben and Ard, got up really early yesterday and drove to Sacramento to watch the California International Marathon. Some of our TNT teammates have been training for this marathon instead of the one in Honolulu, so we knew several people in the race. There were lots of TNT participants and spectators. The conditions were perfect -- bright, clear, and cold, but not too cold. Ard, who grew up in Sacramento, navigated us around to three different points in the course -- the start, the 10-mile mark, and the finish. We got to the finish in time to see the first runners come in. My TNT mentor, Dave Innis, and his brother, Tom, came in under 3 hours and 45 minutes. Greg, another training partner, came in right around 4 hours. And Hope, also a teammate, ran it in 3:35. It was inspiring. I'm not as fast as those guys, but it makes me think that running a 4 hour marathon is at least within the realm of possibility.