Helen Rigby
Yo Philly
Posted 11/16/1999 12:00:57 PM PDT

Hi guys. Did I read right? Youv'e surpassed your goal by lots! I'm impressed - come work for me... Hope you are well and miss my kids as much as I do. So glad they will be home tomorrow. Enjoy Hawaii..it's the best. Look up Stan and Manya Levin when you are there. He was a law school roommate of Gerry's - now a litagator in Honolulu - also has Parkinsons...he's a fighter. His wife is great - she will welcome you with open arms. Their number is: whoops, it's home. Let me know if you will be in Honolulu and I will email it to you. My home email is hlr@dynanet.com. Soon, Helen - or better known as east coast mah!