John and Jane's Leukemia Marathon Site

Hi, thanks for visiting our web site.

Jane and I participated in the Leukemia Society of America's Team in Training (TNT) program in the fall of 1999. TNT participants train for endurance events -- in our case, the Honolulu Marathon -- while raising money to help fight leukemia and other blood-related cancers. We ended up raising about $7000 thanks to the generous support of the people listed in our "contributors" section. We successfully completed the marathon on December 12, 1999 in Honolulu. The blurry picture above -- taken at about 4am right before the race -- is unfortunately our only photo of the event itself. My digital camera got waterlogged when I poured water all over myself at a water station during the race. Jane finished in a little over 6 hours and I finished in a little under 5 hours. It was difficult but incredibly rewarding.

We built this website to help our fundraising effort and also to keep our supporters informed of our progress throughout the training. Since completing the event, I've formed a company called PledgePage with 4 friends of mine based on the technology I used for this site. We want to enable all people, regardless of technical skill, to easily create sites like this one to help them raise more money for good causes.

As it is for many people, cancer is a very personal problem for me and Jane. In 1998, Jane lost her mom to colon cancer. She was 54 years old. In 1999, my Uncle Jud died of melanoma. And when I was 12, my best friend, Rodney Meaux, died of bone cancer. Me and Jane's efforts with TNT, and my efforts with PledgePage, are dedicated to their memory.

Thanks again to those of you who contributed to our cause. We really appreciate it. And if you or anyone you know is participating in a similar event, please refer them to PledgePage.

-John (and Jane) Petersen